Share a Scare for $50 OFF!

Oct 13th, 2016

Want to save $50 on your next order? The magic word is BOO!

Across the country, people are decorating, carving pumpkins, enjoying bonfires, bobbing for apples and preparing to trick-or-treat! Although 2016 has flown by faster than the leaves making their way through our yards, it has been a year full of fun and memorable voice-over projects with people like you. We value your business and friendship very much.

So as the weather gets cooler, we search for the meaning in fall. And the found in sugar. Yep, piles and piles of sugar! Candy corn (locally grown of course), candy buttons, candy cigarettes (from a more innocent time), candy necklaces, candy bars, Dum Dums...hey now, let's keep this positive :)

Milkduds, Smarties, M&Ms, DOTS, Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, Nerds, Snickers, and Werther's Original - if you prefer your sugar in a nostalgic, high brow wrapper.

SO DIG IN! Then, when your sugar high fades and you need a friend that, e-mail, text or tweet the word "BOO!" or contact us here and enjoy this treat of $50 OFF* your next order. Happy Halloween! .


Chris Thomas

"Share a Scare" art by Michaela Schuett Illustration.

KMXJ signs CT as Imaging Voice

Sep 1st, 2016

Now providing voice imaging for Mix 94.1

Chris Thomas is excited to sign on as the imaging voice of Mix 94.1 in Amarillo, TX.

The Best of the 80's, 90's and Now and Mix Mornings with Lori & Charlie!

Listen live here.

Gold Medal Imaging

Aug 3rd, 2016

Is your station imaging ready to RISE for the 2016 Summer Olympics?


Radio imaging voiced by Chris Thomas and Heather Walters, produced by Adam Hood for Benztown Branding. Chris is available on cash or barter customized for your station/format. Call 712-253-5635 and ask about a free start-up package!

Free Imaging Start-Up Package!

May 6th, 2016

Did you get a postcard in the mail? Find out more info on our current radio promotion offering hundreds of dollars in free start-up imaging!

Do you have any idea how hot this apple costume is?

Choose any of these options and receive up to 2 FREE additional pages of imaging VO!

TRADITIONAL - Agreement of 1 year or more with monthly payments based on your desired number of VO pages per month and market size. Full production also available.

BARTER - Agreement of 1 year with no monthly payments. Instead, station agrees to run daily commercial inventory as barter for a desired amount of VO per month. Call to see if your station is eligible.

BENZTOWN BONUS - Increase your cash or barter committment a bit to access the entire Benztown AC library of "ready to air" imaging featuring the voice of Chris Thomas! New material delivered weekly. Instant access to hundreds of killer music promos, artist shouts, sweepers and more. This package is worth its weight in gold and provides a HUGE sound instantly! Sample the AC library and other imaging demos here.

CALL 712-253-5635 or contact us here and we'll get back with you immediately.

Fresh Spring Music Promos!

Mar 25th, 2016

Need new promos or sweepers for spring? Check out this new demo, picked fresh just for you!


Add some persoality to your branding with custom voice-over for your station or business. Spring is the perfect time for a fresh approach!

Book Chris Thomas at 712-253-5635 or contact us here, also available on barter represented by Benztown Branding. Ask about our FREE SPRING START-UP PACKAGE available through 4/30 .

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